Tuesday, 2 December 2014

borax snowflakes

I bought a big bag of borax off trade me for making TMNT ooze. I have googled things I can do with it and one of the ideas was this- it happened overnight, looks cute on our tree and was a big hit for our frozen fan!

I'm happy to share the borax with local friends- just ask and I'll leave some in our letterbox for you : )

You need:

Borax ( 1 tbsp)
2 cups hot water
A wide mouthed glass jar
blue food colouring
pipe cleaners ( we used blue)
a pencil


Make a snowflake shape with cut up pipe cleaner and tie it together with the cotton.
Mix the borax and the hot water so that the borax is dissolved.  Add the blue food colouring.
Tie the snowflake to the pencil and hang it in the jar ( see picture)
Overnight the crystals will form.