Sunday, 11 May 2014

what we did with leaves

On my internet wanderings I came across this book, click on the link for more details

Look what I did with the leaf!

The pictures inspired me to have the kids collect as many different kinds of leaves as they could and we pressed them in the 'pressers' their dad made.

With nice flat leaves, some paper and some pva glue we created these. I love the elephant attempt best!

We're lucky enough to live near lots of  big trees. In Autumn our section is always covered with lots of colours and shapes of leaves.  Every year I've tried to use some in a creative way- here's some of our older posts for more ideas:

goldsworthy inspired patterns

 leaf crowns

leaf window collage

leaf rubbings

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  1. This is such great fun! some of the creations in that book look amazing!