Thursday, 8 May 2014

tealight candle holders

I helped organise a craft for my girl's Pippins this week and thought I'd share what we did


a small empty jar and its lid- we used baby food ones
tissue paper in different colours
pva glue and brush
thin ribbon


Cut of tear strips of tissue paper
Apply glue to the jar
Gently press the tissue on
Keep covering the jar, overlapping the tissue from time to time

We put some cut shapes on our jars as a first layer

punch a small hole in the lid
Thread the ribbon through the button holes and through the hole in the lid and knot
Put a tealight candle inside
attach lid ( the idea is that this is a kind of handle to carry it by but you must make sure the lid is tightened!)

Light the candle. We lit ours using a lit piece of dried spaghetti. I was told about this technique and was very surprised that it worked.

The candle holder looks really nice in when it's lit as the light shines through the colours

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