Saturday, 8 March 2014

recent book scores

I took our family off to the Rangiora tip shop a month or so ago ( thanks again Max : ) ) I wouldn't normally travel that far but I won a bike on trade me so had to pick that up. I'm not sure how much these books were as I got a pile of things for $15.

I like this book of fun ideas, it's very thick so is bound to inspire more than once with its...

wooden plane ideas

stuffy lion instructions

 a cardboard ark and animals how to

and step by step guide to making a go cart!
 I also judged this book by its cover

T loves it


  1. a couple of great finds Becky!

  2. Tip shops always produce some wonderful treasures. When we drive to Moss Vale we always make a quick stop at the wonderful tip shop there.
    Both these books look amazing. x