Tuesday, 25 March 2014

a you and me book

I borrowed this idea from Dee of Dee Construction a super clever lady and a lovely mum.

I've set up this one for M. T will get one too - next year when he's 6 and is more comfy with writing.

Dee's words...

i can't remember where i first heard/read about the 'You & Me' notebook (our name for it) idea but it is a totally ace way to develop deeper relationships with your children before they hit the tween/teen years.

 basically it's a notebook of short letters between a parent and child. (sometimes it's easier to ask awkward questions, express deep feelings, or discuss tricky school situations through writing isn't it?)

  I gave this notebook to Jada when she turned 7. i use it to encourage her, to thank her for positive behaviours i have observed, or simply to let her know how special she is, and then i put it beside her bed for her to find when she wakes. if she likes, she will reply and leave it on my pillow for me :)

Our book...

She is my darling girl.


  1. Such a lovely idea, wish we had one Becky!

  2. I'm so pleased to see this!
    It's been so special to see the conversations deepen over the years (Jada is now 10) and already our You & Me notebook is possibly the most treasured possession in our home. Jada writes in it very regularly these days. Almost urgently. (Growing up is hard!)
    I hope your relationship with your daughter is strengthened by this notebook.
    Dee xx

    1. Thank you so much for the really lovely idea Dee. I'm sure that our book will become very special to us too : )