Friday, 3 June 2011

our playhouse

When I was putting this together Mae asked me if it was going to be her new bedroom : ) We got the house for $95 on trade me. It was a little worse for wear but I think it had character and was a much nicer alternative to a plastic kit set one. I painted it inside with loads of white paint and outside with 5L of grey exterior paint I got from the paint exchange on Blenheim road ( here in Christchurch) for about $15. The roof is painted with testpots of Resene Ironsand ( which is the colour I'm keen on if our roof EVER gets painted!). I painted a blackboard with the last few drops of blackboard paint I found in the garage. I bought a fat quarter of the monkey face fabric online from thumpcat fabrics to make the bunting. The chairs were 50c each on trade me and I planned to paint them but decided they'd be fiddly and quite liked the 'beaten up' look of them. I put up hooks here and there and the kids helped me decide what toys to put in it. It looked neat and tidy for about 3 minutes! I've since bought them a little brush and pan to sweep the sand and grass out from time to time : ) They play in it every day and I love sitting on the lawn outside it listening to their funny conversations about baking and feeding baby and all the other things Mae generally bosses Thomas into doing.

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