Friday, 3 June 2011

do do do-do

This post is a bit of silliness. We got married last year and I wanted to have a fun cake topper that was also personal and a bit quirky. I had seen some little wooden people on Esty I loved but they cost heeeeaps so I bought a packed of Das from a local craft store, sat down and started 'playing'. To get the scale correct I worked out ( roughly) how much taller my husband is than me and where the kids come up to on me and made each of us- and the dog. Das is great as it air dries and can be painted. I used toothpicks pushed down inside the 'bodies' to hold the heads on. After 3 days drying in the kitchen I painted them as closely as I could to what I thought we'd be wearing on the day and gave them all a varnish. My husband laughed when he saw them and thought we were all a bit chubby but I loved the result and they now sit above the fireplace ( yes they survive the quakes) reminding us of our special day.

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