Sunday, 5 July 2015

stained glass

I did this in two classrooms last week ( we made rainbows) and I bought home some of the left over materials. The idea is to sellotape clear book cover sticky side up to the table top. I put a white piece of paper under it to make it easier to see the colours. Stick pieces of cellophane onto the book cover- keeping in mind that it's hard to get off once it's in place. The kids loved this and they look really nice with light shining through them.

We also adapted it slightly and drew using a permanent maker, on the smooth side of the book cover before peeling the backing off and taping it to the table. I didn't get a picture of that one finished.


  1. I'm so excited by your blog! Just doing a quick scroll through the list on MNM's and came across yours - heaps of awesome ideas for the kids and home based care - thank you!

    1. Hi Tash, my pleasure, sadly I don't get as much time for blogging now that the kids are older- lots of lovely memories though :)