Sunday, 2 November 2014


We had some local friends over for halloween tonight. I kept it simple, byo meat and salads, goody bags and lollies for the kids and then trick or treating. I didn't want to spend $ on decorations so used the ones I got last year and decorated the table with some of the kid's toy animals.

I don't have a huge problem with halloween. We walk to houses that are ok with it ( who normally have something hanging on their letterbox) and exchange treats. I ensure the kids take 1 lolly and use their manners and brush their teeth before bed!

We see it as an opportunity to get people together and get creative with costumes and treats to give away. M and T have always loved dressing up. T's costume was a sheet with a wee hole cut for his face cut out and some black and white face paint. M's Elsa costume came off www.aliexpress for $11.

I let the kids draw with liquid chalk on the windows- I love T's bats. The lollipop ghosts we made we well received- lots of fun : ).

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