Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A book find

We went to the library yesterday and T was so excited over finding this book. A perfect pressie for Lego mad kids.

It combines his love of Lego with something that he's been curious about for a while- Star Wars. We all watched Return of the Jedi today. It's our favourite of the films and we thought it would be the one the kids would like most- with Jabba, Chewbacca, Yoda and the Ewoks. J and I worked out that we were 9 when we saw it first, they were a bit younger but there weren't that many scary bits.

It is a book I spent quite some time pouring over, Lego is the best and I have to admit ( like millions of others) to having a bit of a soft spot for lovely wee Yoda.

Lego and Star wars are fantastic in our ( me + hubby's) opinion so we had a great rainy family arvo- made all the nicer by the fact that only the tv in our room plays movies, so we all had to lie on the bed together to watch.
I bet he writes about it at school tomorrow.

Some of his favourite pages

I found a copy of the book on book depository for 


  1. Way cool! I can think of a few big kids that would love it too!!

  2. Yoda is my fav too! I have happy memories of you enjoying Star Wars, it is a classic!
    Would he like the book for his birthday?