Wednesday, 30 April 2014

glow jars

I have seen glowing fairy type glow jars on the internet and have been wanting to try one for ages. I recently read a tutorial that suggested using tulle in the jar to help distribute the glow stick fluid- which is what we did.


1. Find an old clean jar and put a piece of tulle and a small figurine inside. We used a butterfly and a plastic insect for ours.

2. This step is for grown ups only. Snap and activate the glow sticks. Cut them using strong scissors into pieces letting all parts fall into the jar. Be careful as the insides of the glow sticks have little shards of glass type stuff.

3. Put the lid back on the jar firmly and shake. Take the lid off and use tweezers to remove the empty pieces of glow stick.

4. Return the lid and tape it down to stop any curious little hands. Tie and ribbon and bell around the top.

5. Put them in a dark room and listen to the oooooooooos and arrrrrrrrrrssss : )


  1. Very Cool Becky! Do they glow for more than a night? this would be heaps of fun :)

    1. Hi Leonie, no only one night but you could add more glow stick liquid in for another time. We found it was best if you used 2 glow sticks that are the same colour. Mixing them made yucky colours that didn't glow as well.