Thursday, 21 November 2013

unicorn terrariums

For her birthday this year, M is having the girls in her class over for a unicorn themed cr-afternoon tea. We'll have some cake, popcorn, drink and fruit and I've set up everything they'll need to make one of these terrariums each.

I wanted to do something a little different and also wanted the girls to have something to take home with them. Once they've made the jars up all ready for... the surprise. I'll ask them to go and look for a teeny tiny unicorn each. I'll hide in them in the garden in some little organza bags I've bought.

The cute moccona coffee jars are from my mum who collected them for a one day purpose, I spied them when we were in Wellington last year and carried 14 of them in a box on the plane, not easy but I'm glad I did it. The buntings I made using pink string and washi tape. The faux grass and toadstools I bought off trade me. I got the unicorns from a friend that was selling imported things on facebook- she's since closed the business- and my bank account is grateful!

I'm hoping these will spark their imaginations and that they'll have some fun putting them together. I'll post some pictures of the other party details later.

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  1. Cute! Making terrariums is on our list for the holidays (again! as we never seem to get there!)