Wednesday, 12 June 2013

for a new mum and baby

A dear friend is having her first baby soon. I wanted to make her something that could help her document and celebrate her baby's growth in a fun way. I saw this on Etsy, it's gorgeous but a little outside my budget...probably because of the amount of work it would be to cut out and sew each little letter.

Here's my version. I ordered two sets of wooden magnetic alphabets and a set of numerals from aliexpress. I took out I AM MONTHS from the alphabets and combined them with the numerals in a drawstring bag.

I did consider the magnets and the painted surface but since the letters are just props for the photos ( and obviously baby will be being watched) I didn't think it would be an issue.

I like the silly faces on the letters. When baby is old enough I'll give her the rest of the letters and they they can use them on the fridge or a magnetic board.

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  1. Cute! have always loved the month by month series. I'm sure they will enjoy using it!