Thursday, 16 April 2015

Lolly and Ewok

M and T have a kitten each, they're lovely.

Ewok ( T's boy)  is very sensitive and he's scared of loud noises. He's very cuddly and is happy to be picked up and snuggled. He eats a lot. We've had to give them their own food bowls or Lolly wouldn't get any. He'll be a big cat, he's nearly twice the size of his sister already.

Lolly ( M's girl) has lots of personality, she's the talker and will meow at you if you speak to her. She is equally as friendly but prefers to cuddle up next to you than to be lifted up for hugs. She 'mothers' Ewok and loves grooming him. She's braver than her brother, loves to chase and catch things and I'm sure she's the instigator of all of the plant trouble. She looks for warm spots in the sun, in front of the fire or in our beds and has a thing for undies and socks. She loves her human dad and will often choose to sit next to him over everyone else.


  1. A-do-ra-bubble!!! love the names too!

    1. Hi Leonie, yes the kids named them ; ) We're loving them- so much fun