Tuesday, 20 January 2015

plum jam 2015

We collected fruit in the weekend so we made plum jam today. I used the same recipe as last year but I was determined to get it to set better this time. I left the pips in and spent aaaaaages with a slotted spoon and sieve getting them out. I was hoping that doing this would also help pass the time needed for the jam to set, but I'm not really sure it worked. I had a few disasters too, a jar was too hot and cracked when I poured the jam in ( it seems we have a very hot oven) and I got a bit of jam on the floor and I swear after 10 minutes mopping there's still sticky bits!

I plan to add a wee note to some for the kid's to give to the kid's teachers when we start back this year, give some to our neighbour and any visitors we have these holidays, we are big peanut butter and marmite fans so still have some 2014 jam, which has ) upon inspection)  set beautifully and was a bit runny like 2015's batch when just made- so there's hope!

Mum will be impressed- I even wore a pinny!

I didn't have enough jars so this is our jar for the fridge
all ready to give away :)


  1. I am impressed with my domestic daughter! And the jars all match????!!

    1. I bought 12 jars- but have forgotten to ask for them back when friends are finished the jam!