Tuesday, 11 September 2012

my pandora

Since this blog is for our kids ( and I'm hoping one day to print it in book format for them) I thought I'd get in print what each of my pandora charms mean to me. It will be M's one day too. I've seen this done before but it was a virtual 'build' of one, explaining charm choices etc, a fun idea which is what prompted me to to this.

I'm explaining them in order but they're not all on the bracelet the right way around, it takes ages to reorganise them so I haven't latelyaa and probably won't for some time yet!

1. A 'B' from my husband when he gave me the bracelet for my birthday 2007.
2. Mae was born December 2007, so I bought this flower for her.
3. My besties got me the little blingy jandal, it's a symbol of our friendship.
4. A league (not rugby!)  ball from my brother and sister in law for when Thomas was born, December 2008.
5. A turquoise glass charm to remember my Nana Mac, she often wore a turquoise dress suit that she loved.

6. A cat ( again from my brother and sister in law) got me when our family cat Finley died.
7. A purse from them too for my birthday ( I like to shop).
8. For our first 'complete' as a family Christmas I bought this wee snowman.
9. A Gemini sign as a birthday gift.
10. A love heart from the husband for Valentines Day.

11. A September 2010 Christchurch house quake charm.
12. A butterfly for our wedding day November, 2010.
13. My Nana J loved and collected elephants so I got this to remember her.
14. A flower for my birthday and (as a self treat during crappier times).
15. A 2011 Christchurch cathedral quake charm.

15. A pile of books for Mothers day 2012 from the husband- this is for my mum too, she likes books as much as I do.
16. A kina from my bestie when we were bridesmaids in August ( it's an evolve one).

Pandoras are fun.  They appeal to my sentimental side.

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  1. I love this post! What an awesome way to carry your memories around with you where ever you go.