Monday, 18 June 2012

a winter project

This looks like a reading chair to me. Two of these ( the other is a little shabbier) were left at our rental house when the tenant left after the quakes. I'm sure he won't mind that I rescued them last weekend from the hubby's enthusiastic demolition efforts. I'm going to recover them- one for each of the children's bedrooms. I'd like to make covers that can be taken off ( zips? buttons? velcro?) and washed. I'll start by making a newspaper template, then I'll make up a pattern up in calico. I'd like to buy nice heavyweight material and don't want to waste it.

If the cover idea doesn't work I'll be recovering the cushions and getting out the trusty staple gun- and as I type my mind is changing. I like the button detail and that would be lost if I covered them............I could recover the buttons too.........hmmmmmmmm : )

nice and wide and soft with a high back

perfect for snuggling up in

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